Picture Perfect Montreal

What to Photograph and Where

Montreal is one of the most picturesque French-Canadian cities you can visit if you are traveling North America.  This 300-year-old city just exudes beauty and elegance for both its natural surroundings and the architecture behind the establishments and other facilities.  It may not be the most visited place in the world, but you can get an astonishingly large amount of great photos when you’re here, according to Frank Enrico Andreoli.  Here is a short shot-list of what to photograph in Montreal and where to find them.

Lachine Canal Boardwalk

Located at Saint Henri at the southwestern end of Montreal, the Lachine Canal Boardwalk is a great shot no matter the season.  Because of its size, you don’t have to worry about it being overcrowded.  You can even catch a ride on a small boat and take pictures within the canal itself if you want.

Notre Dame Basilica

You can find the Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal.  There is no denying that this is the most beautiful basilica in all of Montreal, and possibly all of Canada.  While the acoustics of the basilica are close to being divine, its architecture and majestic pews make it one of the most visit-worthy places in Montreal regardless of your religious background.

Charlevoix Metro Station

There aren’t a lot of metro stations are visited because of how they look, according to Frank Enrico Andreoli.  People go to metro stations because they have a destination to go to.  However, Charlevoix Metro Station is one of those exceptions.  Located at Point Saint Charles, the metro is donned with stained glass which turns the inside of the station into quite the psychedelic scene.

Habitat 67

If you asked people in 1967 what the future would look like, they would point to the recently-constructed World Fair architecture in Old Montreal.  Today, this strange futurist architecture rests in front of the waters and serves as a unique residential area.  According to Frank Enrico Andreoli, the project was the master’s thesis of a certain McGill architecture student and was created for the World Fair that year.

Botanical Gardens

Found at Hochelaga Maisonneuve, Montreal’s Botanical Garden is where nature’s beauty and man’s creativity meet.  Frank Enrico Andreoli claims that the park has everything, from aboriginal grasslands to well-groomed French gardens.  It’s a great place for photography or for just getting lost in the flora.