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Montreal in Images: 10 Best Places to Shoot in the City

Montreal is a famous city reminiscent of European streets of old.  With a neighborhood founded by French settlers in the 17th century, Old Montreal maintains establishments that have been around since the New France era.  According to Frank Enrico Andreoli, a native of the city and urban photography enthusiast, Montreal is among the most charming places to capture.  In this post, he shares the 10 best places to shoot in Quebec’s largest city.

Mount Royal Park is the best-known park in the city and rightly so.  With an abundance of majestic views, stretching nature, and the iconic hilltop cross, Montreal’s Mount Royal Park is a famous photography spot for both city and nature photography. The Plateau is the type of neighborhood one would see commuters hop on their single-speed bikes.  Its houses, streets, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and street art make it one of the best Montreal photography spots.  Pastel Rita is Instagram-worthy café, boasting of unique interiors.  A certified photography spot in the city, Pastel Rita also serves proper coffee. The Jacques Cartier Bridge can be seen from different places in the city.  A welcoming site to every eye, the Jacques Cartier Bridge is a staple in every tourist’s Instagram timeline.

With stunning architecture, Marches Bonsecours is one of Canada’s Ten Finest Heritage Buildings. Vieux Montreal’s exceptional market is beloved by locals, tourists, and photography enthusiasts.  The metro station in Côte-des-Neiges may be uncommon to tourists. Still, it sure deserves a visit from anyone who desires to up their photography game, shares Frank Enrico Andreoli. The station highlights the work of Canadian artist Pierre Granche, a modernistic illuminated sculpture named “Système.” Downtown Montreal from up above and down below sure is a sight to behold. Photos of the skyscrapers from the ground and images of the skyline taken from the roof show how remarkable downtown Montreal is. 

The Old Port maintains its classic cobblestone street and incredible homes from the past.  Frank Enrico Andreoli says it is among the most wonderful urban quarters of the city.  Right inside The Old Port is the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal.  While the exteriors of the church receive most of the attention, its interiors are equally as magnificent as the façade. Frank Enrico Andreoli of Montreal tells tourists and photography enthusiasts to catch the Farine Five Rose while it stands. The Montreal skyline staple has been standing since 1946. 

Frank Enrico Andreoli, a Montreal native, writes about urban and nature photography in his hometown.  For more updates, head over to this page.