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Eight Best Nature Photography Spots in Montreal

With sprawling nature and amazing wildlife, even in city parks, Montreal is one of the best places in Canada for nature photography.  The largest city in Quebec is home to numerous nature parks and zoos, making it a favorite among tourists and photographers.  A day is not enough to tour around the parks and capture nature and wildlife in all their glory.  On this blog, Frank Enrico Andreoli shares eight of the best photography spots in the city. 

Right in the borough of Lachine, Parc René-Lévesque is a Montreal gem unbeknownst to many.  It stands on the man-made peninsula established in the mid-1800s at the same time as the development of the historical Lachine Canal. The said canal became the catalyst for the industrial development of the country as it linked the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. Montreal Botanical Gardens offer photographers the chance to shine in nature photography.  Considered among the world’s most magnificent botanical gardens, Montreal Botanical Gardens make for a great learning destination for photography enthusiasts wanting to focus on nature photography.  One of the three peaks of Mount Royal, Westmount Summit is a beautiful park that boasts of an in-city forest. The quiet park is a great place to brush up on nature photography skills, says Montreal native and photography enthusiast Frank Enrico Andreoli.

With one the world’s most massive domes, Saint Joseph’s Oratory sits on Westmount Summit right inside Mount Royal.  It maintains a marvelous collection of flowers and trees that look best in spring. Saint Joseph’s Oratory is an all-season nature photography haven, mentions Frank Enrico Andreoli. Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral is another minor basilica located right at the heart of Montreal. Mary, Queen of the World, the third-largest church in Quebec, shares a timeless beauty with its forest-like coat. 

LaSalle is a 30-minute drive from downtown Montreal that is a world away from urban life. The outdoors in LaSalle offer visitors with a few activities to choose from.  Guests who are not into physical activities can quickly turn to nature photography to enjoy the destination. La Fontaine Park is covered in trees with a lake that sits in the middle. The park is a famous picnic spot and is beloved by photography enthusiasts for its pleasing environment. Rivière des Milles-Îles gives photographers a different view of the wetlands.  With a completely different landscape, nature photographers are in for an adventure, says Frank Enrico Andreoli of Montreal

Frank Enrico Andreoli, a Montreal resident, writes about the city and its urban and nature photography scene.  For similar reads, visit this page.