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All the Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels for Montreal

While Montreal is not the largest city in Canada, it sure is the biggest charmer in the country.  Its streets are reminiscent of Old France, offering locals and tourists a taste of Europe with their every step.  The city is a major eye candy, with numerous streets, festivals, parks, and restaurants adored by photographers.  Montreal native and shutterbug Frank Enrico Andreoli shares all the reasons to love his hometown.

Montreal is home to several world-famous festivals and hosts them throughout the year.  Osheaga, Montreal Jazz Festival, and Just For Laughs are among these events.  As people flock the grounds, photographers spend all day capturing the vibrance of the city and its crowds.  It is no secret that Montreal serves good food to locals and travelers.  The city has decades-old classics and young fusion cuisine restaurants that serve Instagram-worthy dishes.  And as if their beautiful food is not enough, the ambiance and aesthetic of these restaurants deserve a spot in one’s timeline as well. 

Frank Enrico Andreoli of Montreal learned to always bring a camera with him.  Some areas of the city are covered in green, making one feel close to nature.  For that reason, many nature photographers enjoy days in Montreal capturing wildlife in action, be it in parks or zoos. The beautiful and seamless blend of nature and urban life sets Montreal apart from other cities.  Street and nature photography co-exist in Montreal, with buildings for canvass and snow-covered streets as playground for wildlife.

Meanwhile, Montreal maintains a strong independent coffee game, with local blends mastered by talented baristas.  These Montreal coffee shops are frequented by locals and adored by tourists. Come for the coffee, stay for the vibe, says Montreal resident Frank Enrico Andreoli.

Montreal has countless rooftop terraces where family and friends can gather and dine under the warm sun or drink under the night sky.  These rooftops offer photographers a different angle of the city streets.  Urban photography thrives in Montreal for the people and the dynamics. With Montreal’s pleasing climate, wildlife thrives and is part of the mundane life in the city, giving nature photographers subjects to shoot almost every day. 

Frank Enrico Andreoli of Montreal writes about city and nature photography.  For more updates, visit this page.