Landscape Photography Spots

Best Locations for Landscape Photography in Montreal

A location for great landscape photography doesn’t get better than Montreal, if you live in Canada or the north eastern part of America.  Montreal boasts of some of the best sights you can capture and offers several unique vantage points that can make landscape photography a breeze.  Photography enthusiast Frank Enrico Andreoli calls Montreal the city of photographs for good reason.  Almost every angle is frame-worthy.  If you are visiting to do some landscape photography, here are some of the best locations in all of Montreal.

Montreal Clock Tower

Heights will always give any photographer an advantage and a unique perspective of landscape photography.  Close to being 150 feet high, going to the top of the Montreal Clock Tower gives you a great view of the city, as well as St. Helen’s Island, Mount Royal Park, and St. Laurence River.  The climb up isn’t too hard, but the view you get is spectacular. According to Frank Enrico Andreoli, even the view from the bottom is quite pleasant with trees lining the river.

Mount Royal

It may not be the highest mountain in the world, but Mount Royal can give you fantastic panoramic photo opportunities.  Located at the center of Montreal, this elevation gives photographers a great view of the city while also doubling as a panoramic expedition in itself, thanks to its lush greenery.  It’s easy to navigate, making an entire day’s worth of photography possible without the need to leave this humble mountain.

Parc René-Lévesque

Located in the borough of Lachine, Parc René-Lévesque is quite small, being just two kilometers long and 250 meters wide. However, it is one of Montreal’s best panoramic photography spots because of its unobstructed view of the St. Lawrence River.  The entire park sits on a peninsula built a hundred years ago, but no longer serves as a port for small boats.  According to Frank Enrico Andreoli, the best photographs can be taken in the fall when the leaves have turned brown and have mostly fallen off.

 St. Joseph’s Oratory

While St. Joseph’s Oratory is already a piece to behold, standing atop the hill where it rests gives you a great view of the City. From time-to-time, it tends to be crowded. But if you’re not focusing on the oratory, you can snap quite a handful of landscape photos of the surrounding areas. If you are planning a visit here, Frank Enrico Andreoli suggests taking a panoramic shot of the city as the sun goes down.