Iconic Locations

Photographing Montreal: Iconic Locations in the City

Cosmopolitan Canada is always a sight to behold as it often boasts of great photography opportunities.  From a bohemian feel to modern sensibilities, there is always a mix of both when visiting French Canadian cities like Montreal.  Photography spots are abundant and fulfilling in Montreal.  Whether you’re going at it as a professional, an amateur, or simply browsing for places to have your prenup shoot, Frank Enrico Andreoli has listed down some of the most iconic photography locations in Montreal city.

Place d’Armes

This spot gives you a great view of Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica, as well as a statue of Montreal’s founder Paul de Chomedey.  While it draws a lot of tourists within the day, the basilica is even more pronounced at night, thanks to its amazing lighting.  Popular all year long, Place d’Armes should be on everyone’s shot list.

Montreal Biosphere

What looks like a scene taken out of a science fiction novel, the Montreal Biosphere grabs attention like no other attraction.  Located in Parc Jean-Drepeau on St. Helen’s Island, the Montreal Biosphere is a museum dedicated to the environment.  Frank Enrico Andreoli believes it’s actually hard to find a view where the Biosphere doesn’t look stunning.

La Grande Roue de Montreal

This iconic 200 ft. Ferris Wheel was a gift to the city when it celebrated its 375th anniversary.  The most popular photo location would be a bridge just south of the wheel, which can show the amazing symmetry.  It carries 42 carriages and also gives a great view of Old Port and St. Lawrence River.  It’s ideal for a romantic photo, but any other portrait of La Grande Roue stands on its own.

Montreal Clock Tower

After taking a gander at la Grande Roue, you can make your way to Montreal Clock Tower for a unique shot of Big Ben’s replica.  Frank Enrico Andreoli suggests that you take the extra 192 steps because the view from the top is a breathtaking and unobstructed view of Old Port and St. Lawrence River.

Square Saint-Louise

 Square Saint-Louise features rows of Victorian-style houses and is probably the closest you can get to an authentic European neighborhood in this side of North America.  It even has a quaint-looking café in the middle of the square.  This serves as a nice place to sit down and to marvel at the unique housing location.  But if you want to photograph much finer details, Frank Enrico Andreoli suggest you come closer for a better view.