Best Places for Photos

IG-Worthy: Best Places for Snapping Photos in Montreal

It’s hard to come across a bad photo if you key in #Montreal on Instagram. Though Montreal may not trend as much as other overrated destinations around the world, no one can deny the immersive beauty the city has to offer to tourists and locals.  According to photographer Frank Enrico Andreoli, you don’t need a fancy camera to capture the beauty of Montreal.  Even with just your camera phone, you can show the world the beauty of this French-Canadian city.  But for those iconic snaps, here are some of the most Instagram-able locations in Montreal.

Old Port

Old architecture, when kept in pristine condition, is often one of the most picturesque images you can find and snap.  Old Port in Old Montreal has structures that date as far back as the 1700’s.  From cobble-stoned streets, a clock tower that oversees the bay area, to St. Helen’s Island, even a chapel that’s centuries old, Franc Enrico Andreoli believes that you can spend an entire day getting Instagram photos and not capture everything Old Port has to offer.

Mont Royal Park

If you ever wondered where Montreal got its name, ask no further.  Mont Royal is a small mountain within the city which the city is named after.  Filled with lush greens, a small pond, and paved walkways, Mont Royal is known for being a great picnic destination and provides a great better vantage point of the city.  It’s quite popular all year long as tourists and locals flock to this green haven daily.

St. Joseph’s Oratory

Montreal is filled with old single structures that have withstood the test of time.  One prime example of this is St. Joseph’s Oratory, also located at the southern end of Mount Royal.  From the bottom to its hallowed halls, every angle of this revered location is exquisite and picturesque.  According to Frank Enrico Andreoli, the view is best photographed during sunset when the faint light showcases most of its features.

World Trade Center

A modern architectural marvel, Montreal’s World Trade Center is known for its iconic centerpiece which consists of a fountain and an elongated water basin lined with streetlamps, all housed inside one great structure.  One of Montreal’s most IG famous spots, the fountain is just one stop in the World Trade Center, according to Frank Enrico Andreoli.  There are displayed works of art here and there, but the main takeaway here is the unique architecture that unifies the entire building.